Dota 2
Dota 2, basit bir Warcraft III haritası olarak hayatına başlayıp, kısa sürede popülerlik kazanan ve günümüzde dünya genelinde 7 milyon oyuncuya ulaşıp MOBA tarzı oyunların ilk temsilcilerinden birisidir. Ucuz Dota 2 Lockless Luckbox keyleri satista
Barış S.
28 Mart 2015 18:07


25 + 3.10
16 + 1.90
24 + 2.10
13 - 20

Arctic Burn

Winter Wyvern soars upon an arctic wind, granting her unobstructed movement and allowing her to exhale a blistering chill into each attack. While soaring, her attacks travel further and faster, and slow enemies with a burning freeze that strips them of 6% of their current health each second. Her sight is also hardened against night's chill, granting her 400% additional vision range at night while soaring.

Splinter Blast

Launches a ball of brittle ice toward an enemy. The ice shatters on impact, leaving the primary target completely unaffected, while hurling damaging splinters into nearby enemies in a 500 radius. Enemies struck by these splinters are slowed by 25%.

Cold Embrace

Encases an ally in an icy cocoon, freezing them solid while healing a base amount as well as a percentage of their maximum health each second. The cocoon blocks all physical damage.

Winter's Curse

Winter Wyvern freezes an enemy in place while striking those nearby with a maddening curse which causes them to attack their frozen ally.

Mehmet G.
30 Mart 2015 10:06
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