The Elder Scrolls Online
The Elder Scrolls Online satın al arak Skyrim gibi singleplayer tadındaki bu yapımı oynama fırsatını kaçırmayın, The Elder Scrolls Online oldukça uzun ve etkileyici bir senaryoya sahip. Ayrıca alabileceğiniz Elder Scrolls Online Gold 'lar ile daha çekici ve kolay hale getirebilirsiniz. The Elder Scrolls Online satin alma islemi yaptiktan sonra hemen aktivasyonu yapabilir ve The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited oynamaya baslayabilirsiniz.
Klavye Komutları
Sergen B.
23 Mayıs 2015 11:05


W, A, S, D – Move character
Mouse – Look around
Shift (hold) – Sprint (depletes stamina)
Spacebar – Jump
Ctrl – Enter stealth mode (moving in stealth mode depletes stamina)
Num Lock – Activate autorun


UI menus often contain several sub-menus. When you open a menu, you’ll see a row of icons across the top of the screen. Accessible sub-menus are displayed directly beneath these icons in text and can be navigated to by clicking the menu name.
I – Inventory
C – Character screen
G – Guilds
J – Quest journal
K – Skills
L – Alliance War
M – Map
N – Notifications
O – Social menu
P – Group
T – Cycle through Quest
Alt – Open last-used UI menu
Esc – Settings and options
F1 – Help


Left Mouse Button – Attack with equipped weapon. Tap to execute a light attack, hold down for a heavy attack
Right Mouse Button – Block
Right Mouse Button + Left Mouse Button – Perform a bash, interrupting some enemy attacks
1 through 5 – Use slotted active abilities
R – Use slotted ultimate ability
W, A, S, D (double-tap) – Dodge
Tab – Cycle preferred enemy target
Q (hold) – Open quickslot radial menu
Q (press) – Use selected slotted quickslot item
Hold Right Mouse Button + Click Left Mouse Button – Break crowd control effects
‘ – Swap weapons (level 15+)
F12 – Self Targeting


Left Mouse Button – Fire Siege Weapon
Alt – Exit Siege Weapon
X – Stow Siege Weapon


E – Interact (use, talk, gather)
F – Interact with another player
. – Activate cursor
T – Cycle active quest objective
V – Toggle first- and third-person camera mode
Mouse Wheel – Zoom camera in or out. Zooming all the way in activates first-person mode
Z – Sheathe/unsheathe weapon
H – Toggle Mount
Alt + Enter – Toggle Fullscreen Mode
Prt Scr (Sys Req) – Take Screenshot
Enter – Start Chat

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