What is Dodo?

Dodo is a magical bird that spawns eggs from prehistoric times and from which games come out. You can create games that can emerge in these eggs, or you can browse the eggs created by our other users. You can add a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 games into the egg. And when you break the egg, one of the games you add can be yours.
How can you get the eggs from Dodo?
All purchases through Durmaplay will give you Dodo's eggshell. You can create Dodo eggs with Dodo egg shells. How much eggshell you need; determine the games you have added. It is up to you to enjoy how much Dodo eggs you will earn during your shopping. There are many rumors about this. But we can give you a clue. Dodo loves familiar faces. Tracks the time you spend on our site. Accordingly, we can give you egg shells. We also provide egg shells for every shopping you make from our site. And when you do this, it takes into consideration your previous purchases. In addition to product prices, you can see how many shells you will earn. You can also buy dodo egg shells.
How will you get the games inside Dodo's eggs?
You can create the Dodo Egg yourself. You can fill any of the 10 to 20 games in an egg. The number of egg shells you give will be shaped according to the quality of the games you choose. You can then call the Dodo with the Break egg button and break the egg. The resulting game can be yours. You may also not want to return the game. When you return, the dodo will return the egg shell to half the price of the game.
Click to create your own Dodo Egg
Click to see the eggs created by our other users