XBox 300 TL Gift Card

25,00 TL
Available areas:
XBox 300 TL will be delivered as a CD key after purchase. XBox 300 TL can be used in Turkey XBox accounts, it won't work in other region memberships. This product is valid for all XBox devices. By purchasing XBox Live Gift Card, you can access high-definition movies, TV shows, sports, and many more add-ons. You can obtain XBox One and XBox games by purchasing XBox Live cards and access applications, movies, music, and add-on packages.
    XBox LIVE

    XBox LIVE is an online network developed for the XBox platform for digital market and online gaming. To access many paid and free content within this network, you need to have an XBox LIVE account. You can create a free membership via the XBox website. By using a paid membership, you can expand your XBox LIVE features.

    What is XBox 300 TL Gift Card? What is it used for?

    When you purchase and activate this product, you will load 300 TL worth of balance to your XBox Live account. You can buy this card for your loved ones as a gift. This way, they can easily purchase the game or content they want from the XBox Live store without needing to use a credit card. With the money loaded to your account, you can have access to games, music, movies, TV shows, sports, and many more add-ons. Additionally, you can buy XBox Live Gold membership with this product. Buy XBox Live 25 TL Gift Card, make yourself and your loved ones happy!

    Where to buy discounted XBox 300 TL Gift Card?

    You can buy XBox Live 300 TL Gift Card at a discounted price with the best price guarantee. By logging in to our website, you can buy XBox Live 300 TL Gift Card with or without membership. Add the product to your basket and then complete the purchase process by selecting your payment method. The price information of XBox Live 300 TL Gift Card is right next to the buy button.

    How to use XBox Live 300 TL Gift Card? How to activate the Key?

    Go to the XBox site and log in. Then press Account from the top right corner, click on the three dots icon, and finally click on the 'Redeem Code' button. Enter the XBox Live 300 TL Gift Card code you purchased and confirm it. For more detailed information, we have illustrated instructions available. You can click on the 'How to activate XBox Live 300 TL Gift Card' button at the top of our page.
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