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Astroneer is delivered as a Steam CD Key after the purchase. Astroneer is an independent game focused on survival and building. Starting on a planet belonging to No Man's Sky at first sight, Astroneer crowns the serene environment with pink, green, and blue tones with soft music, and the most striking point of the game is the crafting system. It is crucial to build the necessary equipment to provide essential resources such as energy and oxygen on an empty planet.
    About Astroneer

    Astroneer emerges with a space theme, allowing you to make discoveries in the depths of space. The main goal of the game is to survive in space. In Astroneer, which is structured around this theme, there are 6-7 planets. These planets are categorized according to their difficulty levels. Each planet offers you a different experience.

    Astroneer also offers you a multiplayer option. Before starting the game, you are provided with information about the game in the training section. The game sets you completely free; you do not have to strive for any specific task, just surviving is enough. You can explore and set yourself tasks if you wish. First, you create a living space for yourself on the planet you are on. Later, you can develop different space vehicles. This way, you determine the direction of the game yourself.

    The most useful aspect of the game is that you can play in Turkish. If you are curious about space, with Astroneer, you can explore your own planet and build a new universe in the depths of space.

    Where and how to buy Astroneer at the cheapest price?

    You can buy Astroneer at a discounted price on our website. You can shop on our site without membership or by creating a membership. After clicking on the Buy Astroneer Steam button, add the game to your cart, then proceed by choosing your payment method. You can make payments with all types of credit cards on our site. In addition, you can make installment game purchases with your credit cards from our partner banks. In addition to that, you can buy Astroneer with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. After making a transfer to our partner banks, you can instantly purchase products with your site balance. Astroneer price information and discounted price information are right next to the buy button. 

    How to activate Astroneer cd key?

    To activate the Astroneer Steam key, you need to have a steam account. The Astroneer activation process is done through steam. Paste the key you purchased from our site into the 'Activate a Product on Steam' section in the steam launcher and activate it. You can download Astroneer from the page that appears. After the download process, you can play Astroneer. For more detailed information, we have an illustrated guide available. You can click on the 'How to activate Astroneer key' button at the top of the page for this. 

    What are Astroneer System Requirements?
    Astroneer Minimum System Requirements
    •   Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    •   Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 (64 bit only), Windows 8 (64 bit only), Windows 10 (64 bit only)
    •   Processor: X64 Dual Core CPU, 2+ GHz
    •   Memory: 4 GB RAM
    •   Graphics: Discrete Non Mobile GPU with 1 GB RAM
    •   Storage: 2 GB available space
    Astroneer Recommended System Requirements
    •   Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    •   Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 (64 bit only), Windows 8 (64 bit only), Windows 10 (64 bit only)
    •   Processor: X64 Quad Core CPU, 3+ GHz
    •   Memory: 8 GB RAM
    •   Graphics: Discrete Non Mobile GPU with 2 GB RAM
    •   Storage: 4 GB available space
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