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Metrico+ is delivered as an XBox One CD Key after purchase. Metrico+ can be downloaded and played on XBox One, not compatible with PC or PS4. Metrico+ is a game where your actions in an infographic world will shape the outcome. All bar graphs, line charts, and pie charts will react to what you do. To explore every part of the Metrico world and solve puzzles, you must rethink everything you know.
    About Metrico+

    Metrico has been developed by Digital Dreams and released by Digital Dreams in January 2017. Metrico is a puzzle platform video game. Metrico is an infographic life world where your actions and decisions will shape the outcome. 

    In the game, you will need to act carefully, think, and analyze to explore Metrico and see how each of your steps will change the world and affect the future. There are 6 different worlds with various challenges, mechanics for you to explore with Metrico. You will experiment with Metrico, use your skills, and most importantly, constantly need to think. 
    The high-quality visuals and graphic designs used in Metrico offer players a more enjoyable experience. Integrated with high-quality visuals and graphic designs, along with custom-made music, Metrico succeeds in connecting players to its unique world. 

    Where and how to buy the cheapest Metrico+ XBox One?

    You can purchase Metrico+ XBox One at a discounted price on our website. You can shop on our website without membership or by creating an account. After clicking the buy Metrico+ button, add the game to your cart, then select your payment method and proceed. You can pay with all types of credit cards on our website. Additionally, you can make installment payments for game purchases with your credit cards from our partner banks. In addition to payment with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other cryptocurrencies like Etherium, you can also make payments with our partner banks via bank transfer. After making a transfer to our partner banks, you can instantly purchase products with your site balance. Information about the price of Metrico+ XBox One and discounted prices are right next to the buy button. 

    How to activate the Metrico+ XBox One key?

    The activation process for Metrico+ XBox One is done on the Xbox website. Paste the key you purchased from our site into the 'Redeem Code' section on the Xbox site and activate it. Then you can start downloading Metrico+ on your Xbox One console. After the download process is complete, you can play Metrico+. If you need more detailed information, we have a detailed guide with images. You can click on the button 'How to activate the Metrico+ XBox One key?' at the top of the page.
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