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Mirror's Edge Catalyst is delivered as XBox One CD Key after purchase. Mirror's Edge Catalyst can be downloaded and played on XBox One, not on PS or PC. Mirror's Edge Catalyst for XBox One invites you to an exciting adventure in the futuristic city of Glass with its breathtaking parkour movements and immersive story. Buy this unique game from Durmaplay now with the best price guarantee and become part of Faith's story.

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst XBox One - Durmaplay

    Game Description

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst takes you to the heights of the futuristic city of Glass with its action-packed parkour movements and impressive story. In Faith's brave adventure, you will uncover the dark secrets of the city by standing up against injustice. Offering an unforgettable experience with modern graphics and smooth gameplay, Mirror's Edge Catalyst is waiting for you on XBox One.

    Key Features

    • Impressive Story: Witness Faith's struggle for freedom.
    • Open World Exploration: Freely roam the city of Glass and showcase your parkour skills.
    • Dynamic Parkour Mechanics: Overcome obstacles with fast and smooth parkour movements.
    • Eye-catching Graphics: Enjoy breathtaking views in the city of the future.

    How to Buy from Durmaplay.com?

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    2. Add the Game to Cart: Search for Mirror's Edge Catalyst XBox One game and add it to your cart from the product page.
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    Game Activation Steps

    1. Turn on your XBox One console and log in.
    2. Go to the "Store" tab on the main menu.
    3. Click on the "Redeem Code" option.
    4. Enter the activation code you received from Durmaplay and confirm.
    5. Your game will start downloading.

    Additional Information

    Durmaplay is a platform that values customer satisfaction and provides a secure shopping opportunity. Order Mirror's Edge Catalyst XBox One now with the best price guarantee and fast delivery and join the action. In case of any issues, you can contact our customer service for support 24/7.

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